Miniature Murals: Nature & Nurture

05.21.2022 10:00 am -1:30 am

Event Details

LINK’s popular mural workshop is back, miniature-style!

Based on the group theme of Flora and Fauna, we’ll look within to ask: “What do people tell you you are? Who do you believe you are? What’s your nature, and what do you nurture?” In this creativity-packed workshop, accomplished muralist and mixed media artist Moses Sun will take you through the discovery and iteration process of creating a real-life mural, scaled down to your desk. We’ll work in small and large groups throughout the day to get our ideas flowing and support each other’s expressive process.

The 12 x 6 inch board sent to you by LINK will represent the side of an entire building! Everyone’s murals will be displayed horizontally at LINK’s end-of-year celebration as a series of buildings along an intersection.

LINK will also send you a gift card to an arts & crafts store near you to purchase any materials that speak the most to you. You can also use workshop supplies given out in previous workshops and anything else you have on hand, including 3D materials.

To get ready for the workshop, you can start thinking and sketching on this question: What do you want to nurture inside of yourself for the future? And, for a bonus: How do you plan on nurturing this?

Note: To receive supplies for this workshop, please RSVP by 8pm on Wednesday, April 27th.

leading this workshop

Moses Sun

Guest Artist

Moses Sun fuses hip-hop, jazz, afro-futurism, and the black southern diaspora of his childhood into a mix of visuals that blurs the lines between digital and analog art.

Scottie Lau

Workshop Coordinator

UX/UI Designer

Megan Ingalls

LINK Program Director

Arts & Design Administrator

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