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Personal contact information we collect and what we do with it:

When you are making a donation, expressing an interest in LINK, or making an inquiry, LINK asks you for personal contact information such as your name, mailing address, phone number and e-mail address. We may use this contact information to provide you with a receipt or information; to contact you to clarify or obtain information about a donation you made, or a LINK student you have referred; or to send you additional information about LINK.

If you make a donation, we may contact you from time to time (in writing only, never by telephone) to offer you an opportunity to make another gift, or to offer services from third parties that will directly benefit LINK. We will always give you the opportunity to opt-out of future communications from us.

Personal contact information will not be shared with any other outside agencies. As The LINK Program is under the umbrella of the Seattle Chapter of AIGA. AIGA, a non-profit, will have access to your contact information, but will not solicit you for more information nor donation.

Personal billing information we collect and what we do with it:

In addition to personal contact information, if you elect to make a donation, we may require billing information such as your billing address and credit card number, when you make a donation or purchase a product. We do not currently gather this information online. Your billing information is not shared with any other organizations, and your credit card number is not retained once your transaction has been authorized and processed.

Financial transactions:

Financial transactions do not currently occur on the LINK site.

How to view or change your information:

If you wish to modify the frequency of future communications from LINK, please write to us at our headquarters or e-mail address below.

Also, with the exception of credit card numbers, which are not retained, you can view and request changes to all the information you have given us, including any mailing lists you may be on, by contacting us.

The AIGA LINK Program

Attention: LINK Program Administrator

4115 NE 62nd St

Seattle, WA 98115-7552

E-mail address:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Normal browsing:

LINK does not collect any personally identifying information from you when you visit our website unless you choose to provide such information to us.

You can browse the LINK website without telling us who you are or revealing any information about yourself. The information we gather during normal browsing comes from two sources: (1) standard server logs collect information such as the IP (Internet Protocol) address, domain name, browser type, operating system and information like the site that referred you to us, the files you downloaded, the pages you visited and the dates/times of those visits; and (2) if you have come into the website from one of one of our newsletters or from a site that has requested a link, we will ask your browser to accept a “cookie” (defined below) that carries a general marketing source code with you as you browse through the website, in order to help us match referring sites to donations made. This cookie does not capture or hold any personally identifying information about you, and is deleted when you end your session by leaving our website or closing your browser.


When you visit our website, we might store some information on your computer in the form of a “cookie” (i.e., a small piece of data that stores information on your browser in your computer’s hard drive) or similar file. We use conversion tracking cookies as part of campaigns in order to analyze trends, gather broad demographic information and monitor website traffic patterns that can help us further develop and improve the design and functionality of our site.

Links to other sites:

This website contains links to other sites, including ones (such as the AIGA National site) that may gather personal contact information. LINK is not responsible for the privacy practices or content of such websites. However, any personal information obtained by us through other sites is treated as if it was gathered on our site and our privacy policy applies.


LINK does not present or capture any information about children 13 years and younger. We do not give the ability to publicly post or otherwise distribute personally identifiable contact information in any way. LINK maintains a signed agreement with program students that allows for use of their image for promotional and/or informational purposes.

Changes to this policy:

Our Privacy Policy is subject to change from time to time. Any changes to this Privacy Policy will be posted on this Web page, and we will mark the link to our updated Privacy Policy on the home page of this website to note the date of any changes so that you will always know what information we collect, how we use it and what choices you have.

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Privacy Policy and User Agreement
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