Tattoo Design with Basil Ikum & Emma Fankhauser

03.19.2022 10:00 am -1:30 pm

Event Details

In this workshop, you’ll be led by Swiss artist Basil Ikum through the process of creating tattoo flashes (also known as pre-made tattoo designs), with an emphasis on the use of script in their design.

We’ll hear directly from the artist, discuss the fundamentals of hand-lettering, and practice drawing and writing to consider what themes each of us will use.

We'll practice several techniques and answer the questions, “How do different lettering methods work differently for a piece? Which one will work best for my piece?” Throughout the workshop, we'll work in large and small groups to create a series of expressive tattoo flashes, perfect for any portfolio.

Note: Supplies are simple – blank sheets of paper and basic writing & drawing utensils are all you’ll need for this workshop! RSVP by 3:30pm on March 7th to secure your spot.

leading this workshop

Basil Ikum

Guest Artist

Emma Fankhauser

4. Semester Master Art Education, Bern, Switzerland

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