Fashion Illustration with Camille Steen

02.19.2022 10:00 am -1:30 am

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It's a pretty good chance that every single thing you’re wearing right now started out as an idea. It then became a sketch, a polished drawing and eventually a finished piece of clothing that helps you express yourself to the world. (And it probably helps keep you the right temperature on these chilly winter days, too!)

In this Fashion Illustration Workshop, we’ll be learning about the fashion industry and creating designs of our own. Our guest artist is an industry veteran, Professor Camille Steen. Through a talk with the artist, and large and small group work time, you will learn about the process of fashion design, how to design for a client, as well as harnessing your creativity to create your own original concepts.

Current LINK students: Please RSVP by 3:30pm on Friday, February 4th to secure your spot and receive supplies.

New LINK students: Please apply to LINK by 3:30pm on Friday, February 4th, and email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have any questions!

leading this workshop

Camille Steen

Professor / Fashion Designer

Joseph Peha

LINK Workshop Coordinator

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