Rise Of The Phoenix: Found Object Printmaking

11.21.2020 10:00 am -1:30 pm

Event Details

Note: Please RSVP by Tuesday, November 10th.

In this workshop, students will use found objects – artificial, natural, or both – to create a representation of a phoenix using printmaking techniques. Students will bring their own objects or plants that might have otherwise been discarded and use supplies from AIGA LINK to create a hand-printed piece exploring the theme of rebirth, renewal, and redemption.

Suggestions for items to bring include natural objects like leaves, feathers, branches, and textural "trash" items such as torn cardboard, bottle caps, soda tabs, and more. Be careful when handling waste materials (no outdoor trash or sharp objects, please).

Bonus: You can use this technique to make great holiday cards, too!

leading this workshop

Fred Lisaius

Guest Artist

Sean Troup

Workshop Coordinator

Bar Management and Design

Sprague Minger

workshop coordinator

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