Intro to Sumi Painting

11.20.2021 10:00 am -1:30 pm

Event Details

Explore creative forms of self-expression while experiencing the flowing techniques of sumi painting!

Sumi, the Japanese word for black ink, has been used to create over a thousand years’ worth of exquisite art. 

Guest artist Lois Yoshida will teach you how to create sumi paintings using the traditional tools of handmade brushes, sumi, and handmade paper to learn brush methods and techniques. 

During talks and demonstrations by Lois, along with large and small group work sessions, you will learn to simplify visual elements using as few brush strokes as possible. You’ll also be encouraged to express your individual interpretation of the subjects presented to create a unique, impactful piece.

Deadline to Register: November 2nd

Limited spots available. Don’t miss out!

leading this workshop

Lois Yoshida

Guest Artist

Sprague Minger

Workshop Coordinator

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