Poster Design

School of Visual Concepts, 2300 7th Avenue ste B, Seattle, WA 98121

Controversy and vocal opinions are prominent elements of American culture.  For every major issue (or minor one) there seem to be an extreme range of opinions available in our media, either for or against.  Current events are continually being read or reported through prisms that reflect bias, politic

Illumination, Exploration, Illustration, and Typographication

Seattle Pacific University Art Center, 3 West Cremona, Seattle, WA 98119

In this workshop, we'll be looking at the history of illuminated letters and their effect on typography.  Each student will design their own illuminated letter, carve it into a printing block and print it as part of a poster.  The end result will be a personal piece of illustrated typographic art, as well as a collaborative poster of the entire alphabet.  



Skate Decks

Artefact 619 Western Avenue #500 Seattle WA 98104

Renowned designer and illustrator Robynne Raye leads our students through the design and development of custom skate decks using vinyl and paint. 

Super cool instructor/ super cool results.  


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