why your donation is so important

What You Mean to the Students

You may be a parent of a LINK student, a relative, a friend, a designer or just someone who values the work that LINK does. Whatever the case, you have an opportunity to help not the greater effort of LINK, but to help the young people who have the challenges of a vastly changing world, but also societal, economic and educational challenges as well. We exist to help illuminate a path and to encourage, but we can't do it without help. 
Your contribution, tax deductible up to the full extent allowable by law, helps secure materials for workshops, vital resources to run the program, scholarships for students that qualify - and with hard work - a better future than without LINK and your help.

If you are considering a donation to support the AIGA Link Program, please contact our Program Director Laura Marks at admin@thelinkprogram.org