Yuri Kinoshita

Light of My Life

Yuri Kinoshita was born in Kyoto. She graduated from Osaka Mode Gakuen Fashion Institute where she majored in interior design. She took the first prize in the school’s graduation competition in 1993. Yuri traveled extensively within Europe as part of the prize. Her travel continued to the east coast in the United States and to Southeast Asia.

She joined her family kimono and textile business in Kyoto in 1994, creating and launching a home design division, called Umbo. Umbo sells global products in Japan and exports high-quality Japanese goods throughout the world. Umbo also designs and manufactures unique Kimonos using fabrics found around the world.

Umbo U.S.A. was begun in 2003 as Yuri’s latest endeavor. Yuri has been aggressively and successfully expanding the company’s marketing network. To focus on U.S. business development.

After working as a sales representative for the family business--traveling the world and exposed to a great variety of natural environments-----Yuri began working on lighting pieces from her maturing imagination.

Yuri discovered her home in Seattle in 2008, falling in love, primarily, with the sublime, peculiar type of light. She is attracted by the abundant beauty of the Northwest, which deeply influences her work.

In Seattle, Yuri was awarded grants from City of Seattle for 2014 City Artist Projects and 2013 Art project from 4 Culture. She has had 18 solo exhibitions and 7 group exhibitions which have included the Bellevue Arts Museum, Seattle Art Museum Gallery, Wing Luke Museum, as well as 15 restaurant commissions. Each commission has been specifically designed with the space in mind, using different shapes and materials to suit the specific theme of the venue. Yuri’s lighting fixtures which are made with organic materials. Yuri’s one-of-a-kind lighting creations are sold under a brand name Woven Lights

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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

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