Q: How much does LINK cost?
A: Not a thing! It's free. All you have to do is register and show up.
Q: How do I sign up for LINK?
A: You contact the LINK Administrator at: admin@thelinkprogram.org
Q: When should I register for LINK?
A: Optimally, right at the start of the school year. But even if it's later, you can register any time and get on the waiting list.
Q: How long is the waiting list?
A: We sometimes have a few spots open up in mid-Fall and early in the new year.
Q: Who gets priority to register?
A: Returning students and then it's first come, first served.
Q: What time should I arrive for a LINK workshop?
A: Any time between 8:30am - 8:50am on a LINK Saturday.
Q: If I drive, where can I park?
A: Street parking costs $8 for the duration of the workshop. If you park in a Cornish lot, chances are you'll get a ticket. There is a lot kitty corner to the southwest that costs $5 and allows you to park for the duration. You have to pay in cash, though. For directions ask a volunteer when you arrive.
Q: Do I have to show up for all LINK workshops to stay in the program?
A: Well, we DO have a waiting list, so two unexcused absences will mean you forfeit your spot.
Q: How do I get an 'excused absence'?
A: Easy. Call Laura, the LINK Administrator at 206.753.8422 or email her at: admin@thelinkprogram.org
Q: What should I do with the work I create at LINK?
A: Keep it! And keep it neat. We'd love to include it in our year-end Gallery show.
Q: How do I apply for Scholarships?
A: Attend the workshops and thou shall learn…
Q: What if I'm late?
A: It's very important to be on time, to be fair to the Guest Artist and to the other students. But if you happen to be late, call Laura/the Administrator at: 206 753.8422.
Q: What if I have to leave early?
A: Again, communication is key. Please let Laura know.
Q: When does a LINK workshop end?
A: 12:30pm.
Q: Can I bring a guest?
A: No. But if you have a long lost cousin from Iceland who will only be in town for 36 hours and he/she cannot leave your side due to medical reasons, please let Laura know.
Q: Can I use my phone during workshops?
A: Really? Emergencies only, please.
Q: Is this the last question?
A: Yup!