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Founded in 1994, the AIGA Link Program is a Seattle-based group of board members, volunteers and a paid administrator dedicated to enriching the lives of high school students with a passion for art. Our innovative program provides monthly workshops, portfolio development, gallery show and scholarship awards for higher education. The AIGA Link Program's success has inspired similar programs across the nation.


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The AIGA Link Program connects Seattle area high school students with creative professionals through nine monthly workshops.

Every third Saturday of the month, students complete artwork that demonstrates an understanding of the medium presented by a guest artist. Seniors participate in a portfolio-building workshop to create a professional presentation of their work. Finally, the AIGA Link Program awards scholarships to qualified graduating seniors at an end of year Gallery Show.




Our vision in LINK is to be a place and people that function as mentors to grant students a greater purview and understanding of what is possible in their lives. We seek to foster life-altering experiences and connections, underscoring the fact that they have all the raw talents needed to succeed. This means we:

-engage people in a genuine and helpful manner

-provide new artistic experiences with great role models

-nurture a network of dedicated support entities and resources

-grow in understanding, expertise and commitment

-maintain positive student, volunteer and partner relationships





The LINK value system is simple. Your grandmother could have taught it to you. 

Value 1
Respect: treat others as you would be treated yourself

Value 2
Effort: there is no subsitute for hard work

Value 3
Responsibility: it's essential to keep our word and to follow through

Value 4
Understanding: life has enough challenges, let us do well by one another



Volunteer Leadership, 2014-2015

Quick statement about the leadership team...

Laura Marks

Program Director
Member Since: 2003

Painter, Mom



Terry Marks

Life Coach
Member Since: 1994

Principal, TMarks

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Joseph Peha

Recruiting & Scholarship Program Coordinator
Member Since: 2007

Website & Visual Media Strategist for the Seattle City Council

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Dan Neidecker

Archivist & Digital Media Manager
Member Since: 2008

Motion Graphic Designer

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David Ehlert

Gallery Show Coordinator
Member Since: 2012

Director of Science Storytelling, Cognition

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Kristine Johnson

Portfolio Workshop Coordinator
Member Since: 2010

Director of Design, Cognition

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Virginia Hungate-Hawk

Volunteer & Workshop Coordinator
Member Since: 2012

Printmaker; Instructor at Pratt Fine Art Center; Stadium HS Art Teacher

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Dave Miller

AIGA Seattle Liasion
Member Since: 2011

Recruiter, Artifact

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Donna Verretto

Accounting & Operations
Member Since: 1998

VP of Wishes & Operations,
Make-A-Wish Foundation of AK & WA

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Amy Chung

Social Media
Member Since: 2014

Analytic Consultant

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